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Mother Lode Septic, Inc. is proudly family owned and operated. Each member of our immediate family works for the company and plays a part in the daily operation of the business 


Mike and Nick are the friendly father & son service team. They are expert problem solvers with years of experience in septic maintenance.  


 Beth and Mindy are the courteous mother & daughter office team. Feel free to call 209-533-1950 with any questions; you will receive knowledgeable service with a smile!  


  • Tanks located, pumped and cleaned
  • Septic tank and line location by electronic transmitter
  • Expert problem solvers
  • Snake jobs
  • Light backhoe
  • Serving Tuolumne and Calaveras Counties
  • Real Estate & Refinance inspections
  • Michael Marlowe, NAWT Certified Inspector


Mother Lode Septic, Inc. is a family team of septic experts serving the Mother Lode communities. Every member of our immediate family works for our company and for our community. We are committed to friendly service, hard work, and integrity. We are proud that this philosophy has earned our family company a great reputation and subsequently, a loyal client base.


Rest assured that you will enjoy the same courteous, personal service that we have perfected over the course of our 29 years of company ownership.

Mother Lode Septic, Inc. is a proud member of NAWT (National Association of Wastewater Transporters) and COWA (California Onsite Wastewater Association). 

209-533-1950 * * * * * FIVE STAR REVIEWS

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"I just wanted to say thank you for sending the very informative pamphlet on septic maintenance, as well as accommodating us this last weekend with emptying our septic tank on a SATURDAY.  My husband and I really appreciated your service... I only wish I knew of your company earlier.  However, now I do, and will call on you for future services.  If anyone asks me for a septic company, Mother Lode is who I will refer."
Judy from Twain Harte 

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"For the great services you have provided to me at my new house...without your help I would not have gotten all the problems and questions have all been very kind."
Nick from Jamestown 

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"We're over the moon satisfied with Mother Lode Septic. They do the work professionally, honestly, with good nature and for a reasonable price. Highly recommend to everyone in Tuolumne County - that when you have septic issues - this should be your one and only call."

Michelle from Sonora

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"Mother Lode Septic, I trust them to do the the work and inspect our septic system.  I think some companies find extra problems that do not really exist.  Personnel is pleasant and knowledgeable."

Sue from Jamestown

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"Very polite and professional. Showed up when they were scheduled and made quick work of the job. Reasonable cost for pumping tank and replacing a broken lid. Will use them again."

Kimberly from Tuolumne

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"Mother Lode Septic is wonderful. They are honest, timely, and very well informed. Absolutely as good as it gets."

Erin from Sonora

209-533-1950 * * * * * FAQ's & Things to Know

When you have a septic system, you are the owner of the sewer treatment plant on your property. It is very important that you know where it is and develop a maintenance plan.

The #1 thing to know about your septic system is "Where is it?" The septic tank is the heart of the septic system. Tanks should be opened, checked, and pumped at least every 3-5 years to ensure that roots are not gaining a foothold and that the inlet/outlet lines are functioning properly.

Did you know that as solids build up, they filter through from the solid side into the effluent side of the septic tank? They then fill the tank with sludgy solids which will eventually filter through into the leach lines. When this occurs, the system will continue to work for a period of time; however when large amounts of sludge solids are passed out to the field, they will cause pre-mature system failure.

Q: How often should my septic tank be pumped?
A: On average, a septic tank should be pumped every 3-5 years, depending on the condition of the septic system and the volume of usage.

Q: I have a running toilet in my house, does this affect my septic system?
A: YES! Running toilets are notorious culprits for causing septic system problems. Check your toilet(s) regularly for leaks.

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